It’s great to know that many HVAC suppliers offer discounts for veterans

Oddly enough, it took quite a few years for my father to discuss anything about his time in the Vietnam War.

I was eight-years-old before I knew my father was even a veteran.

In retrospect, it makes sense to me now—as I would come to learn years later, my father watched many of his buddies get gunned down before his eyes, a rather traumatising experience. Many people would never want to revisit that time in their lives despite the brain’s unconscious push to make the person relive these events, even decades after the fact. But, it’s not all doom and gloom. Now my father is extremely happy and has healed with the help of reaching out and befriending local veterans and sharing stories. The process was long and arduous, but my dad will attest to how far he has come, ready to tell stories from the war with little hesitation. And, I’ve taken it upon myself to find as many veteran related discounts, promotions, and coupons for things as diverse as groceries for the pantry and home repair. My dad’s air conditioner hasn’t been working well lately. It’s a standard central air conditioner—a forced air, split style system. But, the air pressure exiting the ceiling registers gets weaker by the month. Now it has slowed by at least 50% and has risen in temperature drastically. Even though it’s towards the end of summer, my dad says he can’t get his indoor air to drop below 78 degrees. Some people might like it that high in their homes, but it makes my dad miserable. Lucky for him, I found a local HVAC supplier that is offering a promotion on end-of-summer HVAC installations in honor of American veterans. Any veteran interested in the promotion receives 15% off parts and labor. My dad was able to get a new air conditioner installed in his house at a price thousands of dollars less than he would at a different local HVAC supplier.

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