It’s frustrating that my AC works so well but is too loud at the same time

I was ecstatic when I received my tax refund earlier this year.

Although I can’t figure out how I botched my math, in the end I received twice as much as I was expecting.

My mind was filled with thoughts of various things I could spend the money on, many of them extravagant purchases like a new touchscreen laptop or the best cell phone available. But, I quickly turned to more responsible purchases and narrowed it down to replacing my central HVAC system in my house. Although my ductwork is in great shape and needed no patches or repairs, my air conditioner was pushing 20 years so it was high time to rip it out and put in something new. I carefully chose the most efficient and strongest air conditioner that was in my price range, which included an electric heat exchanger for furnace applications. I figured that when the high rated system was installed, I would have nothing but admiration for the new air conditioner. Sadly, this was far from the case. My new air conditioner is the strongest one I have ever felt inside a home, but that means that it is extremely loud simultaneously. It’s not even just finding it a nuisance while trying to sleep, it’s so disruptive that I find it difficult to work at home or do anything without the television or stereo turned up loud. It’s like having a massive industrial-sized fan running intermittently in your living room everyday. Even though it’s arguably the most effective air conditioner I could have bought for my medium sized house, I can’t get past the sense of regret over the noise it produces. There just aren’t funds available to buy a different system, so I’m going to have to find some recourse towards growing accustomed to this mechanical beast.

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