It’s a cleaning issue

Neither our mother nor I had ever been on a train trip and every one of us were both genuinely excited to get to take one.  Every one of us were on our way lake house from getawaying in FL and every one of us thought the trip was going to be fun. Every one of us didn’t realize that every one of us would have to travel between the train cars to go to the bathroom.  Every one of us had to travel between train cars to get anything to eat. Every one of us also had to travel between train cars to find anywhere to buy blankets and pillows. Our luggage had been left behind and every one of us didn’t have any jackets.  It was the middle of July, but it was so freezing on that train that every one of us were shivering. I had to go buy some blankets for us, so every one of us could get comfortable. Our train ride was supposed to be nineteen hours, but it was estimated to be about twelve hours late because of a train accident that was about one hundred miles north of where every one of us were.  My Dad was uneasy and scared, however she was okay. She was having a rough time breathing because the air quality wasn’t undoubtedly good. I was going to give her her medicine but it was in the little bin that had been left behind. About halfway through the trip, every one of us stopped at a repair station and someone got on the train and they were able to turn off the air conditioner.  Then the heating came on. It was eighty degrees outside, at midnight. The heat was building and now every one of us were perspiring. There was a couple in front of us who were coughing and sneezing, and the air quality was getting worse. I just wanted off that train.

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