It would seem we are not alone in our household

My family plus I searched for a long while to find a nice dwelling to purchase, and we ended up finding this honestly beautiful fixer upper that needed a little work, but the price was right… As a matter of fact, it was so low in cost, every one of us couldn’t understand the reason behind it… Eventually after every one of us moved in every one of us knew every one of us had to make a couple of adjustments.

We substituted the Heating & A/C appliance first thing because the outdated Heating & A/C appliance was unquestionably shot… Because every one of us got the dwelling for so cheap, it was straight-forward to have this taken care of.

However the concern is that when every one of us substituted the heating plus cooling appliance, unusual things started happening in the dwelling. Even our neighbors talked to us about how they believed our dwelling must have been haunted. I did a good amount of studying on the history of the area plus I came to learn that a single one of the former owners of the property had hung himself out in the barn. I suppose that her spirit was still occupying the property plus the spirit must not have been too blissful about us upgrading the Heating & A/C appliance. I have read that spirits don’t love any variations to their property even though they are not living anymore. My wifey honestly seems to believe it’s all in my head, but I suppose even she has witnessed some mysterious things happening in the dwelling that she can’t explain. I suppose she just wants to live in denial of there possibly being a spirit in our property, while I want to have an exorcism for the dwelling or something of that nature. I just want to live in my home in peace without having to fret about some presence.

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