It was a nightmare

The other week was a nightmare for me and my buddy. We were actually coming home from work, and I was taking my buddy home as I often do. We work at the same job so it is convenient for us to carpool like this, and we switch off every week. It was my week to drive, and we knew there was supposed to be some kind of blizzard, but we didn’t know how bad it was supposed to be. Well, it ended up getting so bad, traffic came to a grinding halt on the Thruway. It was basically gridlock traffic, and no one could go anywhere. What made everything a million times worse, was the fact that the snow was coming down hard. So we were just there with the heating system blasting away. Even with the heating system working, it was still really cold in my car. Even my friend mentioned this, and I apologized and said I needed to get the climate control system fixed soon. I told him that there were blankets in the back, and I told him to grab us a couple. So we were there sitting in traffic with blankets on, and it seemed like my heating system was starting to push out less heat. It got so bad that we ended up having to abandon our vehicle and go to the nearest gas station. At least it was warm at the gas station because their heating system was working great. I was disappointed to have to leave my car behind though, but the emergency teams had no choice but to clear the snow and tow the cars away as the Thruway was completely closed down. It was a nightmare, and after I was able to get my car back, I made sure to have my climate control system repaired at the auto shop.

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