It took many weeks

My rental apartment has tons of ceiling fans… I don’t understand why there are a lot of ceiling fans, yet the HVAC component in the apartment is great. The heating and cooling component uses HVAC ducts in order to make the whole apartment one centralized temperature. I adjust the thermostat in the hallway and the apartment is either heated or cooled. It works great and I never want to turn on the fans. The idea is that ceiling fans can do the job instead of HVAC. In the Summer, the fans turn a direction to suck up the head air. They put the heated air to the ceiling and push the cold air down. In the Winter season, the reverse direction is used. This particularly can be used with the heater. The gas furnace turns on and the fans keep the heated air down on the ground level. The cool air is then on the ceiling, however my HVAC does not need this extra boost. The fans are literally pointless, and all they seem to do is collect dust. Once every other week I have to get out a big ladder and wash them. I have to wash down each individual fan blade and the light. The reason I do this is because of air quality complications. I suppose that when the air comes out of our HVAC duct, the dust on the fan blades circulate. I don’t want to have dusty indoor air conditions. Also, people who come over love to turn on the fans. I don’t want blobs of dust floating off the blades. That would be super disgusting.

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