It is time to have the air conditioner component inspected

I always write everything I need to do, on the calendar.

  • My calendar is full of what my hubby calls chicken scratches.

I have doctor appointments on the calendar, online seminars that I want to attend, plus things I want to do in a particular time period. I have a whole week marked off for when I want to make reservations for our vacation, plus I have a week marked off for when I want to call the HVAC business to have my AC component inspected prior to summer. When I looked at the calendar, I saw that I should call the HVAC business in a couple of afternoons. I put a reminder in my telephone so I would get an alarm to remind myself and others to make the call on the next Sunday. For some reason, I went for lunch with my brother plus I left my PC home. The alarm went off while I was at lunch plus by the time I got home, the PC automatically dismissed the reminder. I forgot all about calling the HVAC business. Seeing that I had put the reminder on my PC marked on the calendar, when I next looked at the calendar, I thought I had made the PC call. My hubby asked myself and others if I had made the PC call plus I told him that it was on the calendar plus what did he think. He just said okay plus walked away. A couple afternoons later he once again asked if I had called the HVAC business. I was a bit frustrated that he didn’t believe me, however I couldn’t remember making the call, and i called the HVAC business who told myself and others I hadn’t called, however my hubby had.


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