It is now twenty below

I used to teach Preschool and have very fond memories of my years while teaching. However, I remember many trying times as well. One time I remember in particular the Preschool building becoming very hot in the middle of the summer. Being as I live in the south summers can be quite hot! That one particular summer when I arrived at the Preschool building I noticed how hot it was upon entry. I also noticed a group of men moving around the building working hard on something. I asked the director about the situation and discovered that the Air Conditioning and Heating unit outside the building had stopped working. The director noticed the heat when she arrived and immediately called the HVAC company to send out A/C technicians. The teachers decided to keep the children outside while the techs worked to fix the problem with the A/C. One of the days during the Air Conditioner and Heater repair we had a water party where the children played with water balloons, played in the small swimming pools, and also ran through the sprinkler. The teachers were able to play in the water too. By the end of that week the A/C was working properly again and we were all happy, especially those stuck indoors during that hot time. We all kept cool during the hottest part of the summer while the A/C was being repaired. None of us have many negative memories about that summer and the air conditioner needing repair created some really positive and fun memories.