It is now 90 degrees out here

My wife and I moved into our apartment a couple months ago. It was a nice two story apartment in a newer subdivision. It was the Spring when the two of us moved in together and we did not turn on the Air Conditioning for several weeks. On the first drastically hot evening, I noticed that our bedroom was not cooling down. The two of us went to sleep on the top floor and had been downstairs all afternoon. The Air Conditioner was running and it was very comfortable on the first floor. Unfortunately, when we headed to bed, my wife and I noticed it was quite a bit warmer upstairs. The chilled air was not making it up to the top floor. The next morning, I called a local HVAC business and told them our issue. The woman on the phone asked me some questions like are the vents open upstairs and also had it been cooling that room before? I quickly checked the vents and saw they all were open with only a small amount of cool air coming out of the vent. I said that it was a new house for us and it was also the first time the central air conditioning had been turned on the entire season.  The HVAC service company sent out a repairman and he soon arrived to take a look at our system. He checked out our Air Conditioning component and went upstairs to check the air flow. He said that there were a few things that my wife and I could do. One was to close the vents downstairs when we wanted it to be cool upstairs. The other choice was that we could get a larger and stronger A/C component installed that could push the air through the vents of the house. While the vent idea sounded like the cheapest solution, it did not take long that long to realize that it was harder to do than it appeared. We both decided to opt for the new stronger and better unit that would ultimately be able to keep us more comfortable and not worry about opening or closing vents.

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