It is important to have a nice filter in your air conditioner

It is important to have a nice filter in your air conditioner.

I never knew this.

Growing up, we just used old window air conditioning units, and we did not think twice about a filter for our air conditioners. It just wasn’t something that was on our minds. Well, I always had allergies growing up, and looking back, I think they may have been caused by our air conditioners. There had to have been quite a bit of mold buildup in our air conditioning filters. I found out the hard way that mold can build up inside your air conditioner. I opened my up one day just to see if I could clean it, and it was absolutely filthy. I was so grossed out. I decided that I was going to buy a new filter instead of cleaning the old one. I could have cleaned the old one, but it was so bad that I didn’t want to even touch it. I started researching air conditioning filters, and I became very intrigued by it. I learned that there are definitely different types of filters. I found that a HEPA filters were the best, so I bought one for my air conditioner. I am so glad that I bought a HEPA filter. Ever since I started using a HEPA filter for my air conditioner, I have not had any allergies. It is crazy. I used to always have allergies this time of year, but thanks to my HEPA filter, I don’t have allergies this year. I wish I would have gotten a HEPA air filter even sooner, but I am certainly glad to have it now.


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