It has gotten so hot in here

I can’t say I ever remember when the last time my partner and I used our cooling system. If I had to guess, I would say over a year ago when my mother came into town then stayed with us at our house.  The A/C was turned on for her because she doesn’t handle heat well. My partner and I handle heat and warm weather well. We never need to turn the A/C system on much. It is enough just to have the windows open. Our house gets a fantastic breeze where located, as well as all the windows in the house are nice and big to let the breeze inside. Most of our neighbors think we’re crazy as they all have their air conditioning blasting with the windows closed.  I would bet their energy bills are way scarier than ours. It just seems ludicrous to spend money to run the A/C for no reason. If we are comfortable with the temperature then why turn it on at all? I don’t personally see what the big deal is that people experience heat the same way. My mother is a perfect example, she can’t bear the heat so we turned the A/C on for her, but as soon as she left both of us turned it off. I am perfectly fine with heat. So it must be an individual preference. We have kind of become the unusual house on the block now and we find all the neighbors have to talk about how my partner and I don’t appreciate the A/C. Scandalous stuff happening right there.

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