It has gotten so cold

This past winter, my best friend took an extended holiday to travel Europe with his partner.  Because they would be gone for an entire month, they asked me to stay and look after their house.  During my stay, the outside temperature was consistently chilly, and even dropped below zero most days.  This is not even taking into consideration the wind chill and the four feet of snow that had accumulated on the ground.  In my cramped little condo, I am accustomed to bundling up in layers of jackets, heavy socks as well as slippers. I set the control equipment as low as possible,  sleep under a heated blanket, as well as pay unquestionably high weekly heating bills. The floors are always freezing and I am constantly hit with drafts and cold spots in every room. My best friend’s house does not have that issue because he has heated floors in every room.  Heated floors are the ultimate in luxury. I was able to walk barefoot as well as wear T-shirts, all the while remaining warm and toasty. My best friend paid way less in utilities than I did, and yet, his home was significantly more comfortable. The heating equipment is totally concealed beneath the floor, taking up no area as well as never competing with the furniture and decor.  The radiant floors require no service, operate silently, and are completely clean. With separate control units in each room, I could set the temperature to my needs as well as preference. There’s no need to heat empty areas, which saved currency on the energy bills. No matter how cold the weather outside, the new home was always charmingly warm. I was so upset to go back to my frigid condo when the month came to an end.

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