It got very cold

My company was sending me to their corporate headquarters for some training and to participate in the annual client conference which was happening just across the street from my hotel. My plane landed around ten at night but with the time change it felt like two in the morning. Just when I was set to lie down in my hotel room bed, I attempted to adjust the air conditioning unit and drew the blinds. The unit itself was one of those big terminals on the floor under the windows that could cool your room to the point of freezing. One of the issues with a window installed unit in my apartment is that there is so much space that the AC can be fairly ineffective and only cools the room down a couple of degrees on full blast. When I have a large HVAC unit at my disposal I tend to take advantage of its power and efficiency and crank it up until I slowly raise the temperature so as to adjust the room more quickly. The air conditioner kicked on and began to blow cold air at me as desired and began watching television. It wasn’t long before I heard a loud noise and the unit stopped functioning. I spoke to the front desk and advised them that they needed to contact a HVAC technician to come for service and repair to the broken heating and air conditioning unit in my room. The manager informed me that I had one of the old units in my room and they were slowly weeding them out as they broke. He apologized and offered me another room that had already had its HVAC unit replaced with a newer model. Though there was some inconvenience, the hotel was accommodating and the new room was cold enough to get a good night’s sleep.

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