It could have been more horrible

The locale that I have been working at for the past fifteen years has recently been purchased by a larger business, then on the bright side I was able to keep our job plus wasn’t forced to transfer to a different site, however on the bad side I am starting to guess the disadvantage impacts of working for this new upper management.

Back when our old boss plus employers were here they constantly took good care of us, but there was constantly a dinner of some sort for employees when all of us arrived, plus it was clear that they took a genuine interest in us plus our lives.

I had our own private office with air conditioning system plus a view, plus everything was perfect if you ask me. This new management is all about labor plus nothing else! Even this month when the air conditioning component in the office broke down they told us that all of us all had to keep working no matter if the HVAC business was able to repair it or not. This meant that all 35 of us were forced to labor without any air conditioning in the middle of the summer, plus also listen to the HVAC business use their power tools only a few feet away from us, then fortunately for myself and others I am getting close to that point in our career where I can retire soon plus I couldn’t be happier about that. There is constantly fresh air conditioning system flowing at our home with no grouchy money obsessed bosses. I have put in the labor through the years, it’s someone else’s turn to deal with these jerks!

Air conditioning workman