It could have been a shorter ride

Every one of us had a terrible blizzard blowing through our part a couple of weeks ago with.

  • I had just flown in from out of the country that day plus I was distraught to get home.

I had been told at the airport that they were putting travellers into the airport motel all night so they weren’t travelling unsafely. I didn’t want to wait until day to arrive, so I tried to find a taxi driver that would be brave enough to hit the roads. I finally found 1 who would drive, although I definitely had to spend our money. I got into the taxi plus the indoor heat coming from her Heating plus A/C system quickly lulled myself and others into feeling safe. I was absolutely dreaming about getting back to our warm little cabin plus seeing our family when I realized the taxi was completely stopped. Every one of us had only gone 3 miles on the local interstate when I realized every one of us were currently at a standstill plus surrounded by traffic. At this point the snow was coming down so hard that no 1 was moving an inch. There were police flying down the road plus they had closed the entire road. I realized I was going to be spending the evening sleeping in a taxi. I could only pray that her Heating plus A/C system would absolutely continue to run throughout the evening so every one of us hopefully would have nice heating. That was when the cab driver suddenly shut off the engine. She was afraid of carbon monoxide from the exhaust. Every one of us were both freezing after the gas furnace went off, butClearly every one of us survived the evening.

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