Issues with air quality

Ever since I can remember I have had issues with allergies. I have gotten many allergy tests and seen many doctors. They have recommended different medicines and shots, but most of them recommend preventative measures first. I have tried just about every medicine with little to no results, so now I am looking at the air quality in my house. I talked to an HVAC technician recently that suggest I try installing an air filtration system in my home. The HVAC technician told me that the air filtration system along with a new AC unit and furnace might greatly reduce my allergy symptoms. The HVAC technician also recommended installing air dehumidifiers since mold can grow when it is too humid. The HVAC technician showed me how to replace my air filters every month to ensure that my air quality stayed the best it could be. I have placed my AC unit and heater on a strict cleaning schedule in an attempt to improve my air quality and I can say that I notice a difference. The temperature of my house has also been excellent since changing the filters and installing the new heating and cooling systems. I am very glad that I called the HVAC technician, and I am glad he was so knowledgeable. My new AC unit and dehumidifier have changed my life. I now recommend that all of my friends with or without allergies call an HVAC technician to check out their heating and cooling systems. I have noticed a reduction in my energy bill, and that alone has been amazing.

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