Is this all they know?

When I am doing photo shoots in the studio, I want my clients and my subjects to be in the utmost of comfort. That’s why when I bought the place, I bought a very special and expensive HVAC system. I work as a photographer, and my shoots can take a lot of time depending on the needs of the client and the nature of the project for that day. I practically need my clients to be cooled off and comfortable so they could focus on the work I’m doing. Sounds easy, right? Well, the main problem rests with the myriad of photography lights, and it becomes a lot harder. Certain shoots can make my models feel like they are battling the sun to stay cool, and the sun is right up close to their skin. That’s why I made sure to get a special air conditioning system that can really deliver the cool air and that system is known as rapid cooling. This system has a lot of pricey ductwork that goes into it, but as far as I’m concerned  it really helps out in the end. This special HVAC setting is actually a type of process which allows you to cool down a room extremely quickly, regardless of how warm it is. It’s called rapid because it is an extremely fast process, and in most cases the central air conditioning system can cool down an entire house in nearly an hour. While my studio does not quite cool down that quickly, it still does the job and cooling my clients down far quicker than with a conventional HVAC system.

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