Is there room for just me?

My brother and I went to visit some friends; They live in a strange time zone, almost many hours away from our home, then my brother and I did not mind driving in the car, then i have a fairly new car with replaced features prefer a backup camera, navigation system, and a DVD player, however every one of us listened to rock n roll throughout most of the trip.

My brother and I took turns driving so the people I was with and I did not have to stop actually often to stretch our thanks.

Every one of us arrived at our destination and spent many days with some of the best friends that the people I was with and I have. Every one of us went sightseeing at the beach and the lighthouse, and the people I was with and I spent a whole day at the zoo, however when the people I was with and I were getting ready to leave on our final day, my brother’s best neighbor asked if he could come back with us. I thought he was kidding, but he was actually serious. I was glad to let his ride back with us, however I knew my car would be packed. My brother and I had a lot of bags and a suitcase. Every one of us also purchased a lot of souvenirs on our trip; During the whole ride back, the people I was with and I were hot and the indoor temperature was humid. It was hard to believe that an extra man caused such a difference in the indoor air conditions, however things were not as pleasant on the ride home. The A/C stopped laboring halfway beach new home and the people I was with and I could not get the cool air to come back on at all. I’m sure the extra man is not the reason why the A/C stopped laboring, however I cannot stop thinking that it did not help.


Air conditioning technician