Is it worth that great deal though?

My neighbor Dan was recently going to see me for the Holidays.

Dan told myself and others that him as well as his girlfriend got a good deal on a location to live.

The property is on many acres of land as well as he and his girlfriend only spend around $730 a month for everything. This is an incredible price for what they get! I told my buddy Dan how much the people I was with and I spend for rent alone as well as he was astonished; Recently, his landlord informed him as well as his girlfriend that while the air conditioner device was being updated, their 16 year old child daughter would be living above them. The air conditioner device updatement will take multiple weeks to finish up. The landlord’s daughter has been giving Dan as well as his girlfriend a hard time these past few weeks while the air conditioner device is being fixed. The air conditioner updatement was planned to take place while in the Wintertide weeks so that there would be little hassle separate from having air conditioning. Mary, the daughter, has been throwing parties, having her pals take up the entire driveway, as well as making a lot of noise at night. Because they have such a great deal, they do not feel right complaining to the landlord about their daughter. They just decided that they will wait for the air conditioner updatement to be complete, as they were told this was only a brief time. They figured that their good deal on rent is worth a little aggravation in their day as well as that they will be able to deal with the daughters disruptions for a few more weeks.

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