Investing in air quality equipment helped

Before the invention of air quality equipment, the Fall leaves used to bother me.

The reason you may ask? Well, I have the worst flu symptoms in the entire world! That’s been a problem of mine since I was a little kid.

I was on meds for my flu symptoms ever since I was born. But you know what? Ever since I made a big investment in a central heating and a/c system that came with a whole home air cleaner, I have had no more issues! Since I got my Heating as well as A/C machine with air quality cleaning equipment, I have been able to enjoy the Fall leaves for the first time in several years. Also I have cut down my weekly expenses because I am no longer needing to be on all those meds for my drastic flu symptoms! Whole condo air cleaners take out all the pollen, dust, dander and dirt in the air quality of your home. This totally removes the things that cause flu symptoms to flare up. There even is no more smells in the indoor air conditions. The only time I need meds is when I have to be outside in my backyard for long periods of time. When I travel outside of my yard all is great and I can smell the leaves and the air itself. The air quality in my local town is just not that great. If I didn’t have this fantastic air purifier, UV lights and humidifier, I would be in trouble at home.


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