Insufficient furnace makes workers stay home

Have you ever had it, where you can’t focus late at night or go to sleep? For some reason, I seem to consistently have this, & can never calm my forever racing mind, one of the ways I usually try to calm this constant stream of thoughts is by taking a drive outside, but usually a 15 minute drive is enough to do the trick, but if not, I do something else to get my mind off whatever it’s thinking, care about getting fast food… While driving back, I saw a nearby fast food place still open close to midnight! I drove in line, & waited at the speaker, but no 1 acexpertised my existence.

I drove around to 1 of the windows, & I didn’t see anyone, this was incredibly disappointing & I was hoping that someone was still there. Thankfully, I walked in & there was 1 person. I asked what happened to all of their staff & obviously due to insufficient heating, most of their workers didn’t bother showing up this week, leaving their manager alone. While I can understand heat systems are pressing, it was undoubtedly freezing outside! At the most, there’s a slight cooling breeze, then but the manager informed me that the heating method is obviously needed to deal with more taxing purchasers, otherwise the freezing might make them snap. I bought my food & left, & felt sorry for the manager left to deal with no staff & no gas furnace. Admittedly, I don’t know I would be able to do that shift alone, so I am blissful they had such a great manager.

Air conditioning worker