Installing radiant floor heating into an older home –

I have always loved old houses. The older the home,  better. When my husband and I found a three story Victorian in an up and coming area of town, I couldn’t be more excited. We’re also big fans of all those home improvement shows. So we decided it would be fun to pull up all that old 80’s carpet and see what we could uncover, when we pulled back all that old shag. Much to our surprise, there were the original hardwood floors! And the condition was even better than expected. We didn’t need to do much work at all.  In the summer those floors feel nice and smooth. They nicely cool down our hot feet. But, winters without heated floors are another story. We didn’t know much about heated floors, since we always lived in very warm climates. Considering, the winters can be a little chilly here, heated floors seem like a good solution. We didn’t know much about heated floors. We looked up some heating companies online to learn a little more about finding a heating company that specializes in heated floors in our area.                                                               There are a lot of factors to look into when selecting a company that specializing in installing heated floors. You want to make sure that the heating and AC company you selected for your heated floor installation has a good reputation in the industry. You also want to make sure that they use good quality materials and craftsmanship when installing heated floors in your home. Another way to find a good heating and air conditioning company to install heated floors, is to see if you can get recommendations from friends and family. If they are happy with their heated floors, they can give you a good referral. These are things to consider when choosing who you want to install your heated floors.