Insert changed the course of my business

When we first opened our small HVAC repair shop we struggled because we didn’t dedicate enough money to advertising dollars. We were hopeful that word of mouth would make a difference but it wasn’t working fast enough to pay the bills. We certainly weren’t big enough to afford those fancy ads you see on television many times a day and even a radio announcement wasn’t going to do much. We started looking at various options and one of our employees mentioned that they always got this small newspaper for free every week in the mail. He said it was always filled with ads for goods and services and we decided to check it out. This day in age when the news is at your fingertips on a 24/7 basis via television or online device, many people don’t subscribe to a local newspaper anymore. This small community paper is offered for free and comes in the mail so we thought we would give it a shot. Contacted their advertising department and found that we could pay for an insert to be placed into the paper for the full month 4 less than it would cost us or a radio spot. We designed the flyer ourselves and dropped it off and it included a coupon for 10% off any service call. We couldn’t believe the response that we got based on that insert and it was the best advertising dollars we ever spent. The newspaper went to every household in the community so word spread quickly of our services and we always made sure to give the best quality to each customer so that they would tell others about our services as well. Sometimes it isn’t the big advertisements that make a difference is the small ones.