Indoor air quality issues

Isn’t it silly how we start to understand things about our childhood as we get older? Looking back at my youth, I can see everything from a brand new perspective. The puzzle pieces finally came together, and I see the whole picture so clearly now. For example, it wasn’t until this last year that I realized I was raised to be anti-social. Since my mom stayed home with me, I didn’t have much peer interaction at a young age. Now my social awkward nature makes a lot more sense! Recently, I also uncovered the source of my indoor temperature control anxieties. It occurred to me that when I was growing up, I never had any control over the indoor air quality. Being a child, that makes sense, but the thermostat settings were a bit extreme. My parents kept the indoor temperature settings hovering around 60 degrees, no matter the season! This was ridiculously cold for me! I can still remember lying in bed layered up with sweaters and blankets and still shivering! When I would ask my parents about turning up the heat, they simply told me that it was none of my business. Even if they were trying to establish some kind of HVAC schedule, I still feel that they should have taken my comfort into consideration and been a little more flexible. Now, one of my many dysfunctional quirks includes an obsession with adjusting the thermostat. I change the indoor temperature settings numerous times a day, whenever I recognize the tiniest bit of discomfort; but around here, I run the entire heating and cooling plan, and there is no room for compromise.