Independent HVAC Finishes Off Home Office

I always thought, if you did the right thing, life would get easier to handle the older a person became.

  • What was I thinking? First, I think I got fooled on the whole “right thing” dynamic.

As it turns out, ethics, honesty and integrity just aren’t valued as highly as I was lead to believe. It appears that strategic ruthlessness is much more in fashion. I think the phrase, “nice guys finish last” pretty much sums it up. That most excellent office with the perfect HVAC comfort, floor to ceiling window and plants I didn’t have to water are dust now. Thirty plus years of loyal effort was over in the space of an hour. Tough thing is, I still had to find a way to make money. Thankfully, my brilliant wife was able to find something full time to pick up some slack. I immediately began remaking my career. Our home seems pretty big now that most of the children are off to college. So, snagging a vacant guest room for my new office didn’t make to big a difference. It certainly isn’t the office I got to spend almost 10 glorious years in but, it suits my needs for now. However, I could tell nearly immediately that I would have to do something about the HVAC in that guest room. That side of the house gets all day sun. To get my new office to cool down, I was having to set the thermostat far too low. I put up some solar window cling which did help. Still, it wasn’t near enough. I placed a call to our HVAC company for some help. They were out the next day to install a mini split ductless heating and cooling unit. I was very pleased with the result. Now, I can cool the office down without freezing out the rest of the house.

Mini split air conditioner