in my home, the fireplace is king

From our my phone experience with heating and products I sincerely can tell you that there are some tried-and-true methods of heating that are better than others.

And whether you believe it or not it isn’t always the more lavish heating and cooling device being the better! The cheap stuff occasionally works a lot better depending on your circumstances. Or even the less obvious factors. Such as for example…a fireplace actually creates better, more efficient heat than a gas furnace or even an electric furnace in my little home. The authentic fireplace I have in our new home has regularly been doing me much better than those outdated gas or electric furnaces that I could also use. I found this out when I tried to turn on our electric furnace one morning when I did not have wood cut for our fireplace and got desperate. The electric furnace actually did heat our home… well, to an extent. However it did not heat the entire new home feeling as nice as the blazing fireplace would if it was burning for only half an hour. When I finally was able to get wood cut for the outdated fireplace once more and got it back up and running this confirmed to me just how much better fireplaces are than furnace heating in my house, and central oil heating systems actually do heat better than a fireplace under these circumstances. Not everyone wants all the responsibility of a wood burning fireplace but at the end of the day, in my home the fireplace will always be best.
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