I’m very thrilled

Don’t you just love the change of the seasons? My favorite has to be Autumn when the leaves fall and make a beautiful scene. I love the smell of pumpkin spice, pears and anything else that screams fall. However, the best part of cooler weather has to be the fall fashion.  Layering clothing is perfect for colder seasons, however, sometimes it can be a problem too. As summer ends, I pack away my warm weather clothing and pull out my fall clothes. I also, get my HVAC system serviced so that I can be prepared for the winter. Last year, I forgot to get to get that done and when it came time to turn on the furnace, it wasn’t working.  I spent the first week of cold weather freezing because of being careless. I wasn’t alone, because, my HVAC dealer said that many people forget to do the same thing. Once the HVAC technician finally came out, they didn’t have the right parts, and I was really annoyed with myself. I vowed to never wait until winter again to make sure my gas furnace was working properly. Therefore, I made sure that this fall I wouldn’t be cold again. I signed up for a maintenance plan with my HVAC dealer and now they send out reminders when it is time for a tune up.  I also get a discount on any repairs that may be needed which saves me a significant amount of money. I have made sure to let my friends know how convenient this service is and recommend that they look into doing the same thing.

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