I’m very happy about this

Meeting kind, helpful people brightens my day. It is so refreshing when people take a moment to lend their aid someone else. It doesn’t have to be something big either. Simply holding a door open when someone else is entering behind you for example.  This little, kind gesture is often met with pleasant surprise because people are sadly used to self-centeredness these days. I have to admit, one of my favorite things to lend me a hand in life has been my climate control unit in my house. I’ve researched heating and cooling systems to save energy and bring down my utility bills. It turns out my HVAC unit is not very efficient, as it wastes 30% of its energy in cooling or heating my home. I eventually chose to switch over to ductless mini split systems.  Ductless heat pumps are over two times more efficient that the government’s minimum standard for energy efficiency, but the energy-saving technology that is used in the ductless system also has a reduced CO2 emissions. Another way that the ductless HVAC system helps the environment is through energy conservation. Ductless mini split units allow you to heat or cool only those rooms which you are occupying in that moment. You could shut the heat or air off in your bedroom via that zones unit, while you turn it up in your living room with another unit. The ductless HVAC system helps me save cash on our energy bill. It’s an efficient energy saving system that provides simple comfort in any room in your home.

ductless AC