I’m stuck in quarantine, but at least my HVAC system is working fine

I was really enjoying myself when I went on my vacation to Europe.

Everyday seemed like a party and I especially enjoyed my hotel room with the excellent climate control system.

Well, I felt great until I learned that I had to be sent back home right away due to the coronavirus outbreak. I never thought the coronavirus was such a big deal until they started telling me about how I would have to be put in quarantine at my home. I thought this was so unfair because I planned to be in Europe for the whole course of the month and I was only able to spend a week there! The quarantine was going to last 14 days, and I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere or have anybody in my home. When I did get home, I was incredibly bored and wondered what I was going to do. Luckily, my HVAC system was working fine. I figured I would be in big trouble if I had any problems with it because I couldn’t have anybody come over such as an HVAC worker to repair the HVAC system. Fortunately, I was able to reach out to some friends who were willing to go grocery shopping for me. What they did was get the groceries and drop them off at my front door. Then they would go across the street while I came out to grab the groceries. I would pay them via paypal so I didn’t have to hand them any contaminated money, and they would wave at me from across the street and give me the thumbs up. I have some really great friends and I really appreciate them looking after me like that.


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