I’m struggling for the solution

The heat in my house is incredibly uneven.  One spot will be totally comfortable but, when you walk twenty feet further, the air is cold.  Compounding the situation are my children constantly fighting over the thermostat setting. One kid is too cold and the other is too warm.  I once thought they were just being idiots until I started really checking out the temperatures. My bedroom is upstairs so, it stays pretty cozy.  And, the TV room seems comfortable. I just figured the boys were whining. But, they’re correct, the house is super uneven temperature wise. I tried opening doors to each room and the vents as well.  It still made no discernible difference. So, I moved the thermostat to a more central location. There was a difference made by doing that. But, I was still looking for an idea that would make more of a real impact.  I did some research on HVAC websites to come up with a solution. I found something called a room to room ventilator. They were simply just little fans that sucked the hot air out of one room and in to a cooler room. The beauty of the deal was I could install them myself.  I was pleased to find them for a very reasonable price so, I bought them. It was as simple at cutting a small hole in the wall and installing the fan. There was nothing to it and the results have been extraordinary. The house has a far more consistent temperature. Even my idiot sons stopped whining and punching each other over the thermostat.  I was even further pleased when my utility bill went down.

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