I’m sleepy of using window air conditionings

I shouldn’t be so upset with having window air conditionings, however I am sleepy of the noise plus draft that comes with them.

The two of us have regularly had window air conditionings plus they toil entirely well.

The two of us have two window air conditioning units that keep our entire house cooled. It only ups our energy bills by about several percent, which for us is a let more than twelve dollars a month. I keep wondering if it would not be cheaper to have central air conditioning, however I can’t entirely complain about the energy bills. The two of us have a more than three home office house plus it is regularly comfortable. The two of us leave the doors open to all of the rooms, when they are in use. When not in use, all of us keep the doors closed plus the window shades are regularly pulled down. By pulling the window shades, all of us are able to keep the solar heating out of the rooms. My hubby put new insulation around the doors plus windows plus she installed weather stripping. This makes a lot of difference plus helps to keep the heating plus A/C from getting out of the house. I talked to a HVAC specialist plus she told me that was what Zone Control would do if all of us were to have central air conditioning installed. I thought our idea through plus decided that it really would not be worth it to continue pushing central air conditioning on him. The two of us were already doing everything all of us could do to keep our house efficient plus since there wasn’t anything wrong with the window A/C units there was no reason to have them updated.