I’m riding into the summer

When I was growing up, my family and I used to go on summer time vacations to the most exotic places. We never left the country, but we probably hit about every exotic and unusual place in the united states of america! This one vacationing town had so many attractions, there was actually a tour tram bus kind of thing that took you around. This was one of my favorite memories, as I remember it being a very hot day, and the hotel we were staying at did not have the best working air conditioning in the day time hours. Taking the tram though made things much better! The air conditioning on the tram was beyond awesome and possibly the best mobile air conditioning system I had ever felt. Much better than those air conditioning systems on get on your average public transportation. The tram had this air conditioning fully taken care of. We were going around, seeing the sites, stopping in various stores around the area and more! When we made our stops, I actually did not want to get off this tram because the air conditioning was so top notch! I really could not have enjoyed anything else…other than a nice meal, of course. Thankfully, the places the tram stopped for both lunch and dinner were perfectly air conditioned inside. Not as fresh and great feeling as the tram, but at least the air quality was great, and the air conditioning very cool and relaxing. I will never forget that trip or the air conditioning on the tram! It was quite the experience for sure!

HVAC specialist