I’m really working on the air conditioner

It seems like this year’s baseball season has been completely interminable. Every time I turn around, there’s another ball game. My son plays on a regular recreational team but he made the All Star team this year too and that has almost tripled the amount of games he’s been playing. On top of all of those games, the temperatures this summer have been ridiculously hot! All I want to do this year is stay home in the air conditioning, but I feel really guilty if I miss any of my son’s games. So I venture out of my blessedly cool home’s central air conditioning and go out into the heat to watch him play. I hope he realizes how much I love him, because I certainly don’t leave my well-maintained and high quality air conditioning system for just anyone. As a matter of fact, these baseball games are really the only reason I leave the A/C at all during the summer. I’ve never been one to go camping or hang out by the pool, mainly because I’m spoiled by keeping my thermostat in the house turned down to a cool 65 degrees. Whenever I step outside the house into the hot temperatures, I feel like I’m stepping into a furnace. I wish I could watch little league games from the comfort of my air conditioned living room! But, alas, so far, little league games aren’t being televised yet. I have to leave the cool dry A/C and head to the burning hot baseball field, or as I like to call it, the Baseball Furnace.

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