I’m pretty happy with this

When I heard that one of my favorite music groups we’re going to be visiting my city, I was very excited. As soon as I got the news I purchased the tickets for me and my girlfriend. She loved the band too, and was as excited as I was! I even got my hands on a couple of VIP tickets so that we could see the band after the show. The only drawback to the concert, was that it was held outside and it was a very hot day. it was sizzling out there, and the humidity was pretty bad. There was no manner of air conditioning to cool us off, but the concert was going so great. When we got a chance to go backstage to meet the band I was impressed. They were very nice people and they were laughing and joking and even played a special number for us on acoustic.The greatest relief however, was that there was wonderful air conditioning backstage.  Without the breeze from the A/C to cool us off, I might have had to cut the visit short or risk falling over from heat exhaustion. I am just not very good at tolerating extreme heat. I’m actually quite surprised I was able to make it through the entire show okay. My girlfriend did encourage me to soldier on though.