I’m noticing this is worse

My girlfriend Marie and I moved into an apartment together and things are going pretty well except that it’s obvious I’m not the typical man around the house.  I might be absolutely neat, a great cook and always willing to do the laundry. I’m a tech man too and can service internet, computer or fix any technology related issues in under an hour.  But I am absolutely worthless if it comes down to home or car repairs. This is a regular source of irritation for Marie. She likes that I can cook, clean around the house and wash the laundry but she also wants me to fit the mold of the handyman around the house too.  I just don’t have the skills in me though; like when she called me with a flat tire and I told her to call up a towing company. I have never changed a flat. She called me when the toilet wouldn’t flush and I told her to find a plumber. Her newest issue in the house is with our HVAC system–it won’t stay on.  Marie tells me to go grab my toolkit and fix it myself. I don’t have the heart to say to her that I don’t even own a toolkit. I went to google to find what I thought could be wrong and I don’t know where to start with the HVAC. I can’t even open the machine up. I keep wanting to call an HVAC company but Marie is committed to shaming me into fixing our system myself.  I don’t have the buff handyman genes in my blood. I know I would just make our system worse if I attempted to mess with it.