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I never entirely bought into the important of indoor air conditions growing up. As a teenager plus then a young adult in university, I just consistently figured the human body could handle it. Apart from something entirely exhausting like carbon monoxide poisoning, I figured decades of evolution would keep me healthy plus fit. The nose has little hairs to keep dust plus things out, plus I had never even had seasonal allergies. Fast forward to last fall when I moved into an home that unknowingly contained my worst enemy. In just 1 month, I began coughing plus sneezing all the time. I thought I was just catching a cold, so I took over the counter medication plus thought nothing of it. I made sure to keep the central oil furnace at an satisfactory setting, eat healthy, plus drink plenty of water. But the cough kept persisting, because I was breathing in the problem every day. It was until I went under my bed to grab my iphone that I found my wooden bed frame really covered in mold. Since I was living in a basement, I didn’t have satisfactory ventilation or humidity levels. I didn’t even have central air conditioning, so there was nothing filtering the air at all. A few new home plants wasn’t going to solve this 1–I need equipment plus cleaning ASAP. I had to clean the bed frame outside, plus purchase an air cleaner plus a dehumidifier. In just a week, I was breathing better than ever, without a single cough or sneeze. I l acquired my lesson; indoor air conditions is really vital to your health.

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