I’m not going to wait any longer

My husband and I have a lot in common, but there are a few things that we absolutely different opinions about.  We usually agree to disagree, but when it comes to winter weather, we will never agree. He loves his outdoor sports and when it is winter, he has a lot of them.  I like to sit in the house, grab a book, and let the furnace supply me with all the warmth I crave. It just seems like the best way to endure a winter storm. My husband gets anxious for enough snow to fall so he can drag out his snowmobile and go play with his friends.  He reminds me of kid who is sitting by the television, waiting to hear whether or not school is cancelled because of snow. I hate winter because we had a storm a couple of years back. It was a freak blizzard that dropped several feet of snow on us, and we lost our power for over a week.  We were fortunate enough to have a wood burning stove, so we didn’t freeze to death, but I hated every minute of it. My husband went out and found places to ice fish. He pulled out his skis and did cross country, and he had his snowmobile out and running. I want to move further south, where I don’t have to worry about snow, or having a furnace to keep me from death’s door.  He can take his winter trips whenever he wants, and I’ll be happy with the air conditioning, and waiting for him to get home..

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