I’m loving the furnace

My cousin lives out in the middle of nowhere and she wanted me to come for a visit.  I really hated the idea of travelling all the way out to her place but because it was summer and the weather looked good, I decided to take the trip. My drive there was nice and the scenery was beautiful. I started to understand why she liked living out in the country. When I arrived at her place she was so excited to see me.  I had to admit that I was looking forward to sitting around, drinking wine, and catching up with her too. The first couple of days were great! Then, the forecast for the weather changed and they were calling for really bad thunderstorms in the area. It was so windy at one point that I felt like a tornado would spin at any moment.  As we tried to ride out the storm the lights started to flicker. Eventually, the lights went out and we sat in the dark the rest of the night. We didn’t mind that so much, but, the fact that the HVAC system didn’t work was pure torture. Even though it was windy, we couldn’t open the windows because it was basically raining sideways. The house would have been soaked if we opened up the windows.  We sat, sweating, and hoping that the power would come back on. I think the heat was getting to us because we both started seeing things move out of the corner of our eyes and hearing noises that she had never heard before. Maybe we had both seen too many horror movies and our imaginations were on overdrive. All I know is that we were very glad the next day when the power and the HVAC system were restored.