I’m happy with this gym

As a young man, I competed in the Mister Muscle contest. They held it on the boardwalk at the local beach. Muscle heads from every town on the coast would come to compete and see who had the best body. Hundreds of people would compete just to get up on the stage and flex for the crowd. Thousands of people packed the beach each and every year to cheer on the competitors. For three straight years I was one of those beefcakes standing in front of the screaming crowd flexing my muscles. It was a rush I can still recall to this day. Those nights are long gone, now. I left the bodybuilding world to become a certified HVAC professional. It was gratifying work fixing up people’s oil furnaces and cooling systems. It put food on the table and paid my kid’s tuition. Heating and Air Conditioning treated my family well, and I will always be grateful for that. Still, as soon as I retired from the Heating and Air Conditioning company, I went back to bodybuilding. I was sixty years old at the time. After forty years with the same Heating and Air Conditioning company I was still in pretty strong shape. Heating and cooling service is not entirely physical, but it kept me moving. That helped me stay in shape all those years. I threw myself into weight training with gusto. My former Heating and Air Conditioning boss even helped me pay for a home gym as he wanted to sponsor me in competitions. I would now help promote his Heating and Air Conditioning business. He suggested I call myself The Heater, which really sounds cool.

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