I’m happy now

I thought air quality was important to me and my family. It was unquestionably an important topic until it became too much work.  Now anytime air quality is brought up, it is constantly too scary to talk about. Too dry of indoor air conditions can cause static shock, nose bleeds, chapped lips and wood furniture to break in the home. Too moist of air quality in the home causes mold, mildew, bugs and wood furniture to swell in the home.  Due to this I got both a dehumidifier and humidifier. I use the dehumidifier with our A/C in the summer months, and I use the humidifier with the oil furnace in winter months. Using the air quality devices have lowered our bills significantly, and with less moisture, the A/C feels colder. With less moisture and proper heating, I can lower the thermostat temperature. I then found out that if the air quality is dirty, that is not good for your immune system.  You can get real sick, sluggish and feel less motivated. I then bought an air purification system to work with our heating and air conditioning equipment. The air purification system works along with the HVAC and removes impurities from the homes air. So no foul odors, dirt or debris is ever around for me or my family to breathe in. I even went two step further and purchased ultraviolet lights that filters the air before it goes into the heating and air conditioning system. I finally felt satisfied when it came to HEPA filters. These filters clean the air even further and since the air filter holes are twice as small as usual, I need to change them twice as much. I also need more of these filters in stock. I am willing to spend the extra money, but not spend the extra time.

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