I’m happy about that

Growing up I got to hear all about the swamp property. My family bought this little swamp-infested house with the idea they would make a lot of money from it one day. They invested a lot into the house right away, then things happened and life got away from them. In the end, they just were stuck with a property that fell apart right before their eyes, which is now my problem since they are gone. The land is too wet and soft to use for anything else. The house itself is in rough shape, let alone the inside of it. The walls had been absorbing water for too long and are crumbling down. The piping with the plumbing is totally rusted and the Heating and Air Conditioning unit did not hold up so well either. The heating and cooling unit was a central unit, which meant there was ductwork weaved into the walls and ceiling. The ductwork had been saturated with moisture and water for close to 30 years. The Heating and Air Conditioning ducts are rusted and damaged beyond saving. The actual Heating and Air Conditioning unit has swamp plants growing out of it; It is certainly trashed and there must be mold growing on the inside. If I wanted repair the house and sell it, it would cost me big bucks; I would have to hire a contractor, plumber and an HVAC specialist. There is nothing in there that the water didn’t get to – so just Heating and Air Conditioning alone would kill me. I would need all ductwork removed, the old HVAC taken out, then a new HVAC put in. I know for a fact it would be costly, but the first order of business is to fix those walls!

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