I’m going to keep relaxing

There aren’t a whole lot of luxuries that I allow myself, however there are a handful of things that I really need in order for me to function as any normal human being would. First of all, my body literally requires to have the best of the best indoor air control because I am almost always cold – I can be covered in goosebumps in three seconds flat even with just a slight breeze. however because of this personal quirk I am obsessed with having control over the climate I keep my body in so of course I’m pretty invested in our HVAC unit and smart thermostat. That’s not all though – I also have got to find a way to save some money because my other oddity about myself is that I need a gym membership. I need the gym membership because my body needs to sit in humid room temperatures for long periods of time each week, otherwise my nostrils boycott my body and really create problems for me. As such, I have to seek out saunas on a usual basis to keep respiratory system working A-Ok. Before, I used to pay for a weekly gym membership just to dip in, use and abuse their sauna room, and dip out. Honestly though, I never enjoyed being around all those sweaty and naked people. That’s why I decided to create our own sauna at condo now. It really is a simple solution I’ve come up with – I close the bathroom door, run the shower on the hottest temperature possible, and I add in an extra space heater for extra hot air. Soon it’s a sizzling, steamy situation and my sinuses feel so much better within a short amount of time.

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