I’m going to be busy for a while with my business

A smart business owner finds a need in the community, and then fills that need at an affordable price.

If you put business in the simplest terms, that’s all that it really is.

You find a need and then you fill a need. I guess that I probably used to overthink things too much, but now I guess I’ve reached a pinnacle in life. I have the skills now and all the tools to do any number of jobs. Now, I usually deal in one time projects. Whenever my gig work gets slow, I have a few local Heating and Air Conditioning dealers here in town that will throw me on their payroll for a few jobs. They all know that I’m a steady hand, but my real work, my bread and butter, if you will, is helping all of the local university students hook up the right ventilation systems in their dorms so they can smoke pot in their dorm rooms without getting caught. This sounds like it’s illegal, but let me assure you that I personally don’t have anything to do with marijuana. The only thing I do is work on ventilation systems which is completely legal no matter how you slice it. Usually, I work with the existing air ducts and the Heating and Air Conditioning system that is in the location. In some older dorm rooms they tend to use the window mounted type of A/C units, which I usually have to ignore since the tech is too old to modify. I prefer when the dorms use central AC. Those dorms have a big ventilation system that links the whole building together. This campus has almost 50,000 students, and almost half of them live on campus. I know that my ventilation supplier business will stay tied up for the foreseeable future.



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