I’m glad the air is clean

My husband and I suffer from dust and everything else allergies. Our home is the worst when it comes to this problem. So, we called our friendly and happy local heating and cooling company to come in and do an air quality test, which was a service that they and many other HVAC companies offer. After the test, they suggested we get rid of any carpets in the house.  Hardwood floors were a much better option for allergy symptom sufferers. And finally they were saying and suggesting that my husband and I add a hepa air filtration unit to our Heating and Air Conditioning system. So get the ducts cleaned out plus get rid of flooring that was collecting the excruciating stuff plus then filter all the air that was circulated in the house to keep it clean and this provided the best indoor air pollen levels. It took a few weeks to get all the recommendations completed. But what a difference it made. My husband and I both were able to sleep through the night separate from breathing complications. No more sneezing and runny nose all the time.  We entirely felt a whole lot better than we both had in years. Why had the my husband and I not done this sooner? Who knows! But we are glad we finally did it now and are living much more allergy free these days.

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