I’m glad I did the HVAC maintenance

I really love our HVAC business, we always have the same HVAC specialist for the most part. He always goes above and beyond and he even has developed a nice relationship with our children. They are always happy to see fantastic old Ron when he comes over for our annually HVAC service. He even brings them games or candy sometimes and cracks jokes with all of us. He’s a fantastic guy. I always try to offer him a tip for his excellent service although he says he doesn’t need that and always kindly refuses any extra money. One time he told me that he makes so much money doing what he does that he could never feel okay about taking more money. That made me curious about how much HVAC specialists actually make and I was surprised at the amount he said he makes. It made me consider getting into another field. I actually work at the bank and I don’t enjoy my work. I guess actually working on HVAC systems and working close with the community would be much more satisfying. He explained to me that it wasn’t hard to get into the HVAC industry, simply an 18 technical training program at a trade school to get the HVAC certification and some internships and I was good to go. I thought that didn’t sound so awful though he made his job look incredibly simple. I knew that it couldn’t be all that simple or I wouldn’t need professional HVAC service all of the time. It was really something that I would be considering.

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