I’m getting so much done

My siblings and I went on a road trip of our lives, but it quickly turned into one complication after the next, and  as it turns out, my brother didn’t have his car properly looked at before we left home. I thought he would have had everything taken care of, as we had hoped to drive all the way to the west coast and back without a hiccup, and then, not even halfway there,the A/C system in his car went out, and the further west we cruised together, the hotter and hotter it became. I found myself trying harder and harder to find ways to enjoy myself. Afterall, we were more than halfway there already, so it was senseless to turn back now; But I wasn’t going to spend the whole way fighting. The solace at the end of each day became the locales the my siblings and I stayed every evening! In the beginning we had planned on staying in any local hotel that was cheapest, but without a functional car  we needed relief… So we spent half the time of the trip staying in nicer hotels with good Heating and Air Conditioning systems. It was easy to forget the heat of the day in a cool room where we could get a good evening’s sleep… We soon spotted a chain we all loved and stayed at only those hotels until we finally got to our destination; Once there, we took the car to a local garage for repairs, and left with a cab to our hotel. The heating and cooling of all of those hotel rooms kept us from fighting the whole way there. Every one of us stayed in the same hotel on the West coast, and slept in cool sheets every evening thanks to good central air conditioning.

AC equipment