I’m getting a new furnace

    For our final year in university, four friends plus myself rented a sizable condo just off campus.  Although the rent for the condo was rather pricey, we figured we could afford it by combining our money.  The people I was with really wanted to have access to off-street parking, a sizeable backyard, front porch, plus extensive residing space.  The people I was with and I each were able to have our own dining rooms plus we shared more than two full powder rooms. The people I was with and I planned to have a whole bunch of parties plus have fun in our final year of school.  Unfortunately, we did not figure on the important cost of the daily utilities. The heating plus cooling that was installed in the condo was seriously ancient however. The people I was with and I ran the cooling system for one week and it filled the condo with a absolutely unpleasant odor that gave everyone a headache.  It dripped water, made a weird screeching sound plus seemed to run non stop. When we got our electric bill, we realized that we couldn’t afford to operate the cooling system. The people I was with and I switched to opening windows, but the condo became horribly warm plus sticky. It was impossible to sleep at night, plus no one wanted to attend parties at our site.  In the winter, we had no option but to fire up the gas furnace. It reeked of burning hair plus spewed a tremendous amount of dust. Since it was terribly inefficient, we set the control unit as low as possible plus bundled up in jackets. Because our condo was always extremely cold, no one wanted to attend our Wintertime parties either. Our year spent at that condo cost us a fortune, plus my friends plus I couldn’t wait to get out.

A/C equipment