I’m feeling a bit down

Some things are never relayed to you when you buy a new home. I should elaborate here that our new house is new to me. I bought our house back in the early 2000’s and since I purchased it, I’ve dealt with all sorts of little things that nobody warned me about. Did you know that insulation in the walls can deteriorate over time? I haven’t had to deal with that particular problem yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. I assume if I live to be aged enough, I might have to deal with it! Another problem that you are just supposed to know about is dirty air quality. Prior to owning a home, I never had experience dealing with home repairs! So the first locale to check if your home gets dusty is the air filter. The air filter is a big part of your Heating plus A/C system, which traps dust and particles coming in your home. A lot of people I have come across still believe the air filter only needs to be changed out once a year, even though it’s closer to four times a year! The difference is quite noticeable too. On the topic of Heating plus A/C systems, you are also supposed to get them looked at once a year by a Heating plus A/C specialist to make sure everything is operational and in perfect order. Most people don’t even know that, choosing only to call a Heating plus A/C repair company if there is something wrong!