I’m dreading going to the family reunion today because of the heat

The temperature outside today is currently hovering at 92 degrees.

It’s a single of the hottest afternoons of the year around here, since usually the weather here if truly mild and moderate; But we’ve been experiencing a giant heat wave over the past week, though.

I’ve been having to run the cooling system at home way more than I normally would. I’m not looking forward to getting the cooling bill in the mail this week, to tell you the truth. But I care about having central cooling system at our house. That’s a single of the reasons that I tend to stay home most of the time while in the summer time when the un-even temperatures outside are high. But today, our family and I are driving over to a family reunion in the next county over, we’re in the car right now, and our spouse is driving! He keeps turning the cooling system in the car up higher and higher, and I must say that I’m enjoying it. The sunshine is just burning down outside and I’m dreading our arrival at the family reunion. That’s because they are having the family reunion outside in someone’s backyard. I entirely wish that they were going to be having the event inside somewhere with some cooling system. It’s going to be so warm there that we’re truly all going to melt right there in the backyard! I recognize that if there were a few portable cooling system units spread around the picnic area and the backyard, it would be a lot more fun for everyone. If I had a lot of extra money, I would rent some.



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