I’m concerned that my doors and windows are leaking my AC outdoors

I inherited an old house from my grandparents’ estate.

It’s a three bedroom ranch-style home in the midwest. Although it has a lot of history and charm, the building is going to need a lot of work before I can call it home. My worries ramped up after my home inspection revealed structural instability along the west side of the foundation. I had to call a professional contractor to install new floor joists under my kitchen and guest bathroom. This isn’t a simple matter, it involves completely stripping the floors and walls down to the studs. While the floor was gone, I had a plumbing inspector run pressure tests on my home’s drainage ability, which was poor. He put a camera on a long snake and we took a closer look from inside the pipes. We found a section of piping that had split from an incoming tree root. Once that was fixed, I was feeling dizzy from the repair receipts. I eventually finished the bare minimum work to move in, only to realize how drafty the house was when trying to run air conditioning or indoor heat. It was a daily struggle to get the house to match the setting on the thermostat. Eventually, I strung the money together to replace my windows with double-pane storm windows, as well as my front door and back porch door. I made sure that the installation technician used the best weather-proofing strips that are available. The difference in HVAC performance in my house is now a night and day difference from before. At last, I can finally get the temperature to drop below 78 degrees indoors during the summer.



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